Monday, September 2, 2013

Know Your Learning Style

Thought for the week:
"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, 
for this thing that we call failure is not the falling down, 
but the staying down."
—Mary Pickford

NOTE: Learning Style Tips gleaned from exercises in our College Writing Skills textbook and (I LOVE that program!) and recapped in the weekly course newsletter. 

Your learning style guides how you study and the best ways for you to learn and retain information. So, it's important to consider these questions:

What kind of learner are you? What strategies can you use in your classes to meet your learning style?
If you are an applied learner, use case studies, examples, and practical applications.
If you are a conceptual learner, organize information into main ideas and examples.
If you are an auditory learner, tape record lectures and form study groups to discuss lecture content.
If you are a visual learner, create visual aids such as maps, charts, and diagrams of course content.
If you are a social learner, take courses involving class discussion and form study groups whenever possible.
If you are an independent learner, take courses that use a traditional lecture –exam or independent study format.
If you are a spatial learner, use outlining, visualization, and mapping techniques.
If you are a verbal learner, discuss steps, processes, and procedures with classmates or instructors.
If you are a creative learner, take courses that involve exploration, experimentation, and discussion.
If you are a pragmatic learner, write out a list of steps, processes, and procedures.

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