Sunday, August 26, 2012

Winds of Change Blowing

Southern Florida is getting ready for TS Issac. Since I've just emerged from an intense summer that has left me working hard to carve out writing time, the last thing I wanted to deal with was battening down and preparing for severe winds and rain at the least and a full-blown gale at worst.

I haven't posted much since spring because I promised myself I'd devote this blog to writing. But, I did learn some things out of this experience that I do feel are writing-related. It helped me put a positive spin on my personal life, so I can continue generating energy toward my writing. (I'm making baby steps, but at least I'm making regular progress!)

First, as I battled all the items in my storage closet, trying to make room for some of the lanai furniture, I realized the struggles I've been plowing through are much like the trials and conflict characters face in a good story. Who wants to read about a character who gets everything she wants? I do believe that the struggles make reaching a goal more satisfying. 

Second, since I couldn't fit everything from the lanai in storage, I had to move the larger furniture and plants inside. That meant indoor furniture to make room for the outdoor furniture. Now I had to clean, too, and wipe down all the outdoor furniture before bringing it in. So, in the end, things are cleaner just because I gave attention to areas I've been too busy to attend to. (And, the empty lanai was swept and cleaned and will need the same again once the storm blows through.) Also, since I was cleaning and rearranging, I continued that energy into my office to see what I can move around for more space and efficiency. 

Finally, during the numerous trips to the store to buy supplies, fight with the crowds of panicking people, and acknowledge the sense of urgency everyone seemed to be feeling, I decided to tack on a few "errands" that would give me a feeling of doing something for my writing. I mailed copies of my book, Food for a Greener Planet: What You Can Do, to a reading association award program, submitted the opening of one of my novels to  a literary contest, and ordered promo materials for my latest book, Dealing with Stress

I'm determined that all these "life issues" will not get in the way of my goals. The baby steps are paying off. The winds of change are blowing, and not just from this tropical storm/possible hurricane. I feel this storm is (and will continue) helping me "clean out" and make changes. 

To all affected by Issac, may you stay safe and weather the storm!