Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too Busy Writing: Seeking Balance

Sorry, I haven't posted sooner. I know it's been a while. Too long in fact. But, I been so busy writing. Well, teaching and freelancing anyway. Those who know me know that I balance my time between teaching and writing, and between work with younger readers and adult learners. The adult learners are participants in writing workshops I offer locally (though I am taking a few of these workshops online soon).

Though summers are usually my time to write more and teach less since the seasonal folks have headed north to cooler summer temps, this year is unusual. Not only was I asked to teach at the local college for both summer semesters, but two of the venues I offer workshops for asked me to add a class. And they filled, which is unusual for summer. I don't mind because this is all a change of pace. I thrive and draw both ideas and energy from shifting up my scheduling. 

Enter a new issue: time for my own projects is limited, especially when I get through the hectic scheduling of season by promising myself time to work on my writing projects. I also took on a huge (as in equivalent to a large advance) client project. So, for a few weeks I was edging toward burn-out and wondering why I had agreed to any of it.

 Now that I've had a little time to re-balance, re-organize (mostly my office), and re-charge I'm ready to move forward again. As long as I keep my "life wheel" balanced between the teaching and the writing, between my projects and client projects, and between work with or for younger readers and adults, I seem to have the energy I need to make and meet my goals. 

Think about what demands are placed on your time. Is it balanced? If not, what do you need to do to put all those demands in equal portions? You will find yourself with a little more time for your writing and a lot more energy. Happy writing!