Saturday, October 27, 2012

Life only Seems to Get in the Way

I know. I know. It's been too long since I've posted here. My only excuse is that this blog is dedicated to "all things writing." And, I've been blogging about life in general at my other blog: Wonderings and Wanderings

Even at that blog, I haven't posted all that often because this has been one insane year! But, the holidays are approaching and as busy as I am personally, I am even more determined to make time for my writing projects. The lesson here is that even when it seems life is getting in the way, it does not have to. 

Despite this busy year (and by busy I simply mean that my plate is full to brimming with the main course--my writing and teaching--as well as side dishes with family issues and other stuff demanding time), my business is growing. I have been asked to teach new classes. The first is a self-publishing class through an evening community education program. Now, other locations are requesting something similar. I've also taken on extra workshops during this part of the year (when I usually wait to offer these January through April). But, members were requesting my workshops. 

Also,  few good things have been happening with my writing and I've decided to launch a companion site to help people overcome writing challenges. One thing I emphasize with my students--of all ages is that writing does not need to be painful! So, that's the focus of this new site, called Lisa Wroble, Word Coach. It will launch soon through Weebly but until it does, you can find out more at

So, though I haven't been here much, I have not given up or fallen in the wake of the publishing industry confusion and economic adversity. I will be posting again soon, so watch this space.